Regular Scheduled Transmission Maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance exists not only to change your fluids but also as an inspection point. When you bring in your vehicle on time or early, we inspect the transmission fluid, pan, gears and more. We know by sight, smell, and oddly for some taste what your transmission should or shouldn't be doing. With regular maintenance we can generally alleviate a larger and more costly headache.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change & Service


How often do you service your transmission fluid? Do you change your transmission fluid often enough? Have you changed it ever? Obviously it is best to follow your manufacturer's directions and instructions; however, most people don't read the manual let alone the fine print that explains driving conditions. What most people define as normal driving is in fact not defined that way by your vehicle's manufacturer. Towing capacities are often ignored or misunderstood. Often at any given boat launch we see someone on a large grade with a minivan or a crossover launching a boat at one of Oconomowoc's many lakes.. Chances are you are over the actual tongue weight capacity of your vehicle. If that is the case, you are going to want to bring your vehicle in for transmission service more often than every 60,000 miles.